Children’s Acute Ultrasound (CACTUS) is a practical solution to training in lung ultrasound for children's intensive care.

CACTUS Lung US is of relevance to all specialities working with children.

This accrediation willl provide you with a basic understanding of the physics of ultrasound and how to optimise an image and use an ultrasound machine. You will also gain a vast amount of information covering everything from the bedisde to the assessment of a child with respiratory distress, shock or abnormal chest findings. 

Getting Started

  • Register by adding CACTUS Lung to your basket
  • Identify an approved CACTUS Lung Mentor to oversee your accreditation. If you cannot find a local Mentor, please contact our Learning Team on who can help you find one
  • Complete the online training on our Learning Portal or attend an approved face-to-face course.
  • Perform the appropriate supervised and unsupervised scans, and document these in your logbook
  • Have your logbook assessed by your Mentor who confirms that you have the necessary competencies
  • Pass a triggered assessment with your Supervisor who (Please note: there is no need for you to find a Supervisor - your approved Mentor should have identified one already)
  • Submit your assessment documents, including the Summary of Training record, via the Learning Portal

Accreditation (first to last component) must be completed within 24 months. Logbook collection (first to last scan) must be completed within 12 months.

Criteria for registering for CACTUS Lung accreditation are as follows:

  • Any healthcare provider from the multi-professional team (i.e. medical, nursing, physiotherapy)
  • Any grade
  • Any speciality

Once registered, we will send you all the documentation you need to start your accredition jouney.

For all enquiries regarding CACTUS training, please contact

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