All-Party Parliamentary Group on Intensive Care

Intensive care is at a crossroads and is facing serious issues like staff shortages, capacity issues and a lack of rehabilitation services.

Why has the the APPG on Intensive Care been established?

Intensive care is at a crossroads and is facing serious issues including ICU staff shortages (primarily in our nursing population), burnout and psychological trauma, lack of core funding, bed and capacity issues, and an inability to deliver the rehabilitation services our patients need to get them back to some form of a normal life.

The Intensive Care Society has established this APPG to provide a platform to voice the concerns of the intensive care community, ICU patients and their loved ones, and the wider public to help inform and influence the Parliament in their understanding and decision making about intensive care.

The primary focus of this group in the first instance is to raise major concerns about workforce and rehabilitation services and highlight the necessity to establish plans to counter the severity of these issues. Without immediate support, our community and patients are seriously jeopardised.

This group also allows us to inform the future agenda of intensive care and champion appropriate levels of funding for both provision of our service across the country and for research that will literally help to save lives. As well as promoting the importance of appropriate investment into infrastructure to enable the delivery of better patient care pathways.

What is an APPG?

An All-Party Parliamentary Group is a cross-party group of MPs and Peers who meet to discuss a particular issue of concern. APPGs examine policy issues relating to these issues, and they hold events and inquiries to understand them in more detail.

APPGs are ‘informal’ groups since they don’t play a formal role in developing legislation, but they are an effective way of bringing together parliamentarians and interested stakeholders.

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What is the Society's role on the APPG?

The Intensive Care Society provides the voice of the critical care community and manages the delivery of this group.  

The Society also fully funds the APPG on Intensive Care. 

How can you get involved?

You can write to your local MP to ask for their support and attendance. They can hear first-hand from members of the community and better understand the work of professionals in intensive care.

You can find a template letter that you can adapt, and you can find out who your local MP is and how you can contact them below.

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