Leadership: Approach to systems leadership

Business consultant Ian Macdonald will lead this one day face to face study day exploring Systems Leadership within healthcare. Systems Leadership enables the leaders in an organisation to create the conditions where people at all levels can work productively to their potential.

It uses sound principles about human behaviour to create models of good leadership, organisational strategy, systems design and social process.

It provides leaders with tools that help to predict people’s behaviour in their organisation. It also helps to build effective systems which drive productive behaviour and lead to a more effective realisation of the organisation’s purpose.

In this one day event you will join our cohort of staff attending our full leadership programme.

Objectives for the session 
  • Explore what is meant by systems leadership 

  • Consider the universal values necessary for social cohesion 

  • Examine the model of creating a culture using the three tools of leadership: systems, symbols and behaviours 

  • Explore the nature of systems, particularly the Systems Matrix 

  • Examine the four underlying principles that help create a productive, socially cohesive organisation 

  • Consider the model of task formulation, assignment and review and of team leadership and membership  


Julie  Highfield

Julie Highfield

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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Ian  Macdonald

Ian Macdonald

Macdonald Associates Consultancy

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Sandy  Mather

Sandy Mather

Chief Executive, Intensive Care Society

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