Access Central Peer Support

Sometimes you need a conversation with someone like you. Someone who has similar experiences to you. However, that cannot always be a colleague in your team, as it may feel too close, or you would appreciate a more objective stance. We understand this, and we have a network of multi-professional colleagues based in intensive care units across the UK who are trained in our Peer Support model. They are supported and coordinated by us. They are available to be contacted via the Society, and you can choose who you wish from their profile below. Alternatively, you can request to be matched with a Peer Supporter. 

What is Peer Support? 

Peer support is a supportive conversation between two people with shared experiences. The peer in this instance is a professional working in intensive care. Our Peer Supporters have had a one day training from the Intensive Care Society and have regular clinical supervision to maintain their practice. 

What happens in the session? 

Its an up to one hour conversation over a video platform. The intention is that it is a one-off session or short-term arrangement. 

Is it confidential?

Yes, confidentiality lies between yourself and the Peer Supporter. There may be times when you both agree that confidentiality needs to be broadened to include additional people to meet your needs or keep you safe.

How do I get peer support?

Get in touch with us by emailing our team at and let us know which of our Peer Supporters you'd like us to connect you to. Alternatively, we can match you with someone we think would be a good fit.

Our Peer Supporters

Laura Chase.jpg

Laura Chase

ICM Trainee

I’m Laura Chase I’m a single speciality ICM trainee in Severn Deanery. My background is medicine but I decided ICM was for me in a six month placement in Cardiff ICU during my Core Medical Training. I’m coming to the end of stage 1 which has been long thanks to two maternity leaves!  

I have an interest in medical education as well as Liver ICU and hope to spend time developing this in my specialist interest year. I’m also involved with a Deanery Women in ICM group supporting female trainees and encouraging women into our fabulous speciality. Being part of this group has been a brilliant way of making me feel more connected to my peers and given me easy access to Peer support so I’d like to try and offer this more widely. 

Outside of work I live on the edge of the Cotswolds with my husband and 2 boys. Most free time is now spent doing kids activities. Although I am writing this on the train to Wimbledon! We love walking and spending time outdoors. If we manage to get some free time my husband and I love fine dining and sampling nice wines. 

Adeniyi Tobun.jpg

Adeniyi Tobun

Senior Clinical Fellow, International Medical Graduate

Hello, I am Adeniyi Tobun. I am presently a Senior Clinical Fellow with the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust Queen’s Medical Centre. I am working towards a standalone training in Critical Care. 

I am an International Medical Graduate who has a background in Anaesthesia and Critical care. I worked in the Anaesthesia Department of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital for seven years. I relocated to the UK in October 2018. I have chosen to work with the peer support group because there is a lot to offer to other International Medical Graduates like me in terms of guidance and support. The process of relocating can be demanding and challenging so I thought to take it upon myself to work with others on their various journeys. Lastly, having worked through the pandemic and presently working in a very busy unit , I know how this can affect others physically and mentally. No one should be left alone in isolation and that is why I have volunteered to listen to my peers through their challenges. 

I am a husband, and a father of 2 girls. My interests include cycling, running, Go karting and travelling with my family. In my spare time, I assist my other half with a decor events business (Deelavender Events).

Ellie Harlow.jpg

Ellie Harlow

ACCS Anaesthetics 1

I’m interested in providing peer support because I’ve been on the receiving end and it really helped me! I have worked in several critical care departments including neonatal and adult intensive care and have seen the benefit that a peer support group can bring, for both individuals and the interpersonal team dynamic. Recognising and validating the stresses that are bound to exist in such acute environments is key to looking after ourselves and our patients in a sustainable way.  

I’m a junior trainee but before medicine I studied philosophy then worked as a chef for several years! I spend my time between Cornwall and Swansea, and when I’m not at work I’m either surfing or exploring local woodland with my dog.  

Lakshmi Venkatesh.png

Lakshmi Venkatesh

Senior Clinical Fellow in Critical Care

I am a International Medical Graduate (IMG) , and a recent one too. I clearly understand the challenges faced by all IMGs and would be able to support them in their journey. Also, I am a mother to a toddler so that makes the path even more exciting . 

That is exactly why I want to be part of this team to provide support like I received when I came in.


Laura Sedgley

Matron, Neuro Critical Care

I have been a nurse for 32 years and worked in ICU for most of these.  Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, running, learning Norwegian (I love taking holidays in Norway) and reading.

I am proud to be a peer supporter (and also a professional Nurse Advocate) as I feel passionately that the well-being of staff is vital for the delivery of safe and effective patient care and to ensure the growth and development of teams.  It’s important that staff have a safe space to have honest conversations to support their own health and well-being and discuss concerns that they may have.