Delirium Revolution


Delirium is a common experience in intensive care patients, and yet it is still under recognised, and often misunderstood. This study day aims to bring together former intensive care patients and experts in the field to help elucidate ICU delirium, and offer insights into the latest research and practical ideas for early intervention, management and minimisation of harm.

This virtual study day will also support World Delirium Awareness Day | #WDAD2024.

Topics will cover:

  • What is delirium and what do ICU patients need? 
  • Ten top tips from ICU psychology to manage delirium
  • Is my patient's agitation and/or delirium iatrogenic withdrawal? 
  • Patient experience
  • Managing the impacts of delirium post ICU 
Learning outcomes
By the end of this study day, delegates should be able: 
  • To confidently demonstrate a broad understanding of delirium, what it looks like and the factors that contribute to this condition
  • To communicate ideas and practical tips on how to prevent, manage and reduce delirium within ICU 
  • To critically consider the impacts of delirium post ICU, and the research into psychological interventions

Programme Programme

9:15am - Zoom open

9:20am - Welcome and introductions

9:30am - Setting the Scene: what is delirium and its impact on the brain

10:00am - Is my patient's agitation and/or delirium iatrogenic withdrawal?

10:30am - Break (15 mins)

10:45am - Disentangling delirium - practical management of ICU delirium in hospital

11:15am - Mobilisation for better patient outcomes

11:45am - Q&A

12:15am - Lunch (45 mins)

1:00pm - Patient story - My Journey & the compassion of the staff

1:20pm - ICU Diaries and ICU Steps- the evidence and where are we now

1:40pm - Managing the impacts of delirium post ICU- current research & future directions

2:00pm - Diagnosis and screening for delirium

2:20pm - Ten top Tips from ICU Psychology to manage delirium during ICU and at follow up

2:35pm - Break (15 mins)

2:45pm - The Delirium Revolution: our lynchpin to finding the person in the patient 

3:15pm - Understanding delirium through visual storytelling

3:35pm - Q&A

3:55pm - Closing remarks 

4:00pm - Close

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