11 Aug 2023

Sepsis Priority Setting Partnership

 In 2023/24 Sepsis Research FEAT is proud to be undertaking the first ever Sepsis Priority Setting Partnership (Sepsis PSP), in conjunction with the James Lind Alliance (JLA).

This is an invaluable opportunity for sepsis patients, their carers, clinicians and researchers to come together to shape the future of sepsis research in the UK and more widely for the next ten years and beyond. Of benefit to the entire sepsis community, the ultimate goal is to understand the mechanisms of sepsis better and to improve diagnosis, treatment and patient outcomes.

While the James Lind Alliance (JLA) facilitates such partnerships, the initiative will be driven by Sepsis Research FEAT, which will fund the Sepsis PSP over its 12-18 month lifespan. 

Dr Joanne McPeake, and two of our Directors of Research, Dr Bronwen Connelly and Dr Nazir Lone will be Clinical Co-Leads.

The online survey will open in September.

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