11 Aug 2023


Reversal of anticoagulation in the Intensive Care Unit: An international online survey – the ROTATION survey

The aim of the survey is to collect baseline measurements of international policies and practices of anticoagulation reversal used in the Intensive Care Unit, including different types of anticoagulants, thresholds per diagnostic tests, choices of types anticoagulation reversal drugs and blood products. We hypothesized that in this patient population a large heterogeneity exists between and within different subpopulations.

This research could be helpful to monitor and guide future changes in anticoagulation reversal practices in the ICU (i.e. response to new international guidelines) or to identify knowledge gaps.

The steering committee includes: Prof. dr. Alexander Vlaar, Prof. dr. Nicole Juffermans, Dr. Marcella Müller, Drs. Maite van Haeren, Drs. Stefan van Wonderen.


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