All your questions about FUSIC® answered

Accreditation queries

I attended a course more than 12 months ago. Will this count as attending a required course to complete FUSIC®?

If your Mentor and Supervisor (FUSIC® Heart)/Trainer (all other FUSIC® modules) are supportive, and you are prepared to restart your logbook collection and complete it within a year, we will accept a refresher of our online training or attendance on a relevant Intensive Care Society - approved course within three years of your FUSIC® registration for that module.

Would a FEEL, EGLS or BSE Level 1 course (or similar) be accepted automatically?

FEEL and BSE Level 1 courses are automatically approved for FUSIC® Heart training. Other courses may be approved on an individual basis, so please check with the Society's learning team who will be able to confirm their status.

I am an ST5 Anaesthetic trainee/respiratory trainee, am I eligible to complete FUSIC® accreditation?

Yes. It doesn’t matter what grade, role, or specialty you belong to - medical, nursing, or allied healthcare professional - FUSIC® training is for you.

I have completed a logbook for another ultrasound accreditation, can these scans contribute to my FUSIC® logbook?

Yes. But only if you fulfil all the FUSIC® logbook requirements (>10 scans are directly supervised by your FUSIC Mentor/Trainer; all scans [first to last] are completed within 12 months; all scans [images and reports] are reviewed by your FUSIC® Mentor/Trainer).

How long do I have to complete the scans?

You must complete your logbook scans (first to last) within a 12-month period. You may apply for an extension to this deadline in advance of the 12 months, but it will only be granted in exceptional circumstances

What documents do I need to submit to get my accreditation certificate?

You need to submit your completed Summary Training Record document, signed off by both your Mentor and Supervisor (FUSIC® Heart)/Trainer (all other FUSIC® modules) . There is no need to send your reports or any other documentation as part of this application. This record can be submitted to learning@ics.ac.uk.

When do I need to register and make payment with the Intensive Care Society?

Registration must be completed first before completing any of the other steps to achieving accreditation, this will trigger a series of steps to get you enrolled on to our accrediation. You can register via the Society's website. Please ensure you have created your ICS account prior to registering.

FUSIC® accreditation can be completed by both members and non-members of the Society.

How will I receive my certificate of accreditation?

Certificates of FUSIC® accreditation are sent via email.

Is ICE-BLU still a requirement for FUSIC® heart accreditation?

ICE-BLU is no longer required to be completed to achieve FUSIC® heart accreditation.

Extension requests/extenuating circumstances 

I am due to go on maternity leave and haven’t managed the requisite number of scans, can I have an extension or am I required to start the logbook from scratch?

This will depend on how many studies you have performed and had reviewed, and over what timeframe. Advice will be given on a case-by-case basis.

I haven’t completed the requisite number of scans in the given timeframe, how do I get an extension and what information do I need to provide?

To help us consider your application for an extension, please provide the following information: date of course attendance, date of first scan, date of last scan, number of scans completed and reason for extension request). This information is useful for the Cmmittee’s consideration.

Submit your request to learning@ics.ac.uk.

Mentor and Supervisor (FUSIC® Heart) or Trainer (all other FUSIC® Modules)  queries 

I have obtained BSE Level 1 accreditation; can I become a Supervisor for the FUSIC® Heart?

No. Definition of a FUSIC® Heart Supervisor is someone with BSE Level 2 (TTE/ACCE) or an equivalent accreditation (such as EACVI). An alternative route to becoming a FUSIC® Heart Supervisor is having regular job-planned sessions undertaking independent echocardiography practice. As someone with BSE Level 1, you will be an ideal FUSIC® Heart Mentor.

I have obtained BSE Level 2 accreditation in TOE; can I become a Supervisor for the FUSIC® Heart?

No. Historically, this was acceptable, but not anymore. We now feel that skill in TOE translates well to the Mentor (training) role, but not necessarily to the Supervisor (governance) role for TTE. A TOE training programme is currently in an early stage of development; TOE+ individuals you will have automatic FUSIC® Heart Supervisor status for this.

How do I become a FUSIC® Mentor/Trainer?

To become a FUSIC® Mentor (FUSIC® Heart)/Trainer (all other FUSIC® modules) you must have been accredeted for at least 12 months before you apply. You can downlaod the applicaiton here here.

if you are not 12 months post accreditation and you feel that there is a urgent. need for you to support learners on your unit, you many submit an application outlining you reasons why to the FUSIC® committee for consideration using the same Mentor/Trainer form found on the Society's website.

Can I have more than one Mentor or Supervisor to sign off my accreditation?

Yes. You may have several mentors during your training, especially if you move through different hospitals. Please record all their names in your summary of training record.

I am unable to find a Mentor/Supervisor at my hospital; please can you help?

You can contact our FUSIC® team who can help identify Mentors and Supervisors (FUSIC® Heart) or Traners (all other FUSIC® modules) by emailing learning@ics.ac.uk.

It is easy for practitioners with the right credentials to apply, this is done via a short application form downloadable from the Society's website.


If I have recently completed FUSIC® accreditation, can I apply to become a Mentor/Trainer?

Candidates must be accredited for a minimum of 12 months before they are eligible to become a FUSIC® Mentor/Trainer. This applies to all the FUSIC® modules.

If you have past the 12 month mark and would like to apply, click here.

Courses and online training 

I have attended a FUSIC® course, do I need to complete the online training?

No. If you have attended an approved FUSIC® course, you are not required to additionally complete the online training. However, you must clearly state the course you attended and where when submitting your. accrediation pack at the end. 

I have completed the online training, am I required to still attend a face-to-face course?

No. If you have completed the online training, you are not required to additionally attend a face-to-face course.

How do I gain access to the FUSIC® online training?

Once you have registered for FUSIC® accreditation, you can access the FUSIC® online training through our Learning Portal.

Our portal requires you to enrol on the FUSIC® accreditation pathway for the module(s) you wish to complete as well as enrolling on the FUSIC® online training pathway. Once enrolments are approved, you will have full access to the materials you need to complete your accreditation.

I would like to run a FUSIC® course, what are the requirements?

If your course is new and has not previously been approved, you will need to complete a copy of the FUSIC® course approval form which you can return to learning@ics.ac.uk along with your course programme/flyer. This will then be reviewed for approval by the FUSIC® committee.

I have previously run FUSIC® courses , do I need to re-apply for approval?

Course approval remains valid if there have been no changes made to the course itself inclusive of structure. To ensure we are kept up to date, we do ask that you complete the approval form and submit a programme/flyer whenever you run a course for our records.


Are there any specific requirements for FUSIC® HD?

Candidates who wish to register and complete FUSIC® HD must have the following to be eligible for the module: Independent competence in history taking, physical examination, interpreting clinical investigations and understanding of disease processes in critically ill patients and accreditation in FUSIC® Heart  OR BSE Level 1 AND accreditation in FUSIC lung PLUS FUSIC® Abdomen modules OR FAMUS.

Are there any FUSIC HD courses?

You can completed your FUSIC® HD online in exactly the same format as previous modules you have completed. You can register here

If you would prefer to attend an face-to-face course, you will can find a lits of our FUSIC® approved courses here.

Learning Portal

How do I access the learning portal?

You can access our learning portal here

If you are having trouble accessing our learning portal, please contact our FUSIC® team at learning@ics.ac.uk.

I can’t find the materials I need to complete my accreditation, where can I access these?

You must ensure that you have registered for the module you wish to complete and additionally registered for the online training. Registration can be completed via the Society's website. Once registered, you can access our learning portal and enrol on your chosen FUSIC® accreditation pathway which will contain all of your materials.

I have enrolled for FUSIC® accreditation through the learning portal however, it was rejected. What happens next?

If your enrolment has been rejected, this is because your account does not display that you have paid for the accreditation. This must be completed prior to enrolling here.

If you have purchased an accreditation and were rejected, please contact learning@ics.a.uk.

If you are unable to find the answer to your enquiry, please email our learning team on learning@ics.ac.uk.