Become a FUSIC Trainer

Want to help train the next generation of intensive care ultrasound scanners? Our FUSIC accreditation programme gives you this opportunity. 

Want to support the next generation of intensive care ultrasound scanners?

Our FUSIC accreditation pathway gives you the opportunity to help us train our candidates. 

You will need to be a healthcare professional with suitable experience and regular practice in intensive care ultrasound. As a minimum, you are expected to have been accredited in the relevant FUSIC topic (or equivalent) you wish to mentor in for a minimum of 12 months.

Key responsibilities

  • To support and advise clinicians/mentees through their accreditation process
  • To enable access to a suitable ultrasound machine and acutely ill patients
  • To oversee the necessary supervised scans
  • To review logbook scans
  • To help review difficult cases and ongoing clinical support
  • To sign-off competencies and conduct a mentees triggered assessment
  • To sign off the summary training record to confirm that a mentee has satisfactorily completed all the training components


In the application form below, you will be asked about your ultrasound experience. Recognised qualifications are:

  • FICE/CUSIC/FUSIC accreditation
  • BSE Level 1
  • BSE Level 2
  • RCR Level 1
  • RCR Level 2
  • Please include any equivalent qualifications in your application and these will be reviewed by the FUSIC Committee

How to apply

You can sign up to become a Trainer at any time. Please click on the link below to fill out the application form. A member of the Learning team will review your application and get back to you shortly. 

Please note that the fTOE accreditation pathway will only have supervisors at this stage who will perform the role of both the mentor and the supervisor. Please see the supervisor webpage to apply.