01 Aug 2021

The SLT Pillar

The SLT Pillar has been designed as a profession specific document that is a supplementary guide which must be used in conjunction with the full AHP CCPDF document.
  • You will need to use both the AHP CCPDF and the SLT Pillar to benchmark yourself and to set personal development plans. It is not intended that the SLT pillar should be used in isolation, and it is imperative that these documents are considered side by side. There are similar headings in both documents to help you do this. 
  • The AHP CCPDF gives generic AHP examples of knowledge and skills with relation to professional development for any AHP working in critical care. The SLT Pillar has sought to provide further SLT specific examples of the unique skill set which can inform learning and professional development in critical care. The information in the AHP CCPDF has not been duplicated in the SLT Pillar unless to identify a specific SLT application. 
  • When benchmarking yourself against the AHP CCPDF pillars and levels, it is likely you will use SLT examples as evidence for your current level of practice. Both documents will yield information to feed into personal development plans, and their use will be determined by your local setting and clinical complexity. There will also be oversight from your clinical supervisor.