28 Nov 2022

Supply Disruption Advice

Supply disruption: Baxter dual chamber blood* giving sets

Summary advice to clinicians:
  • avoid use of dual chamber blood giving sets unless rapid transfusion of blood is certain or extremely likely
  • We have been informed of a disruption to supply of Baxter dual chamber blood giving sets that is likely to last until March 2023.
  • Limiting use of the dual chamber giving sets should mean remaining supplies will be adequate for demand.
  • Supply of all other giving sets, including single chamber blood giving sets and sets for level /rapid infusion devices, is assured but may result in institutions receiving products from alternative suppliers.
  • Full details can be found in the NHS supply chain statement [link] but it appears there is a problem with product labelling
  • Dual chamber blood giving sets are widely used but, in most cases, either no blood transfusion is necessary, or a single chamber set could be used.
  • Limiting use will ensure adequate supplies are available.

Clinicians are strongly encouraged to:

  • use standard fluid giving sets as their first choice unless rapid blood transfusion is certain or extremely likely
  • use single chamber blood giving sets unless rapid transfusion is needed
  • use rapid infusion giving sets in major haemorrhage where available
  • ensure that, where possible, they have access to the IV cannula or an extension to allow the giving set to be changed if rapid transfusion becomes necessary.

*refers to blood and blood products throughout

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