PICUPS and PICUPS Plus scoring descriptors

01 Aug 2020
The PICUPS is a 14-item developed to support triage and handover of patients stepping down from ITU into the acute wards, and onwards into rehabilitation.
  • It is designed to:
  • Inform the immediate plan for care on the acute ward
  • Identify problems that are likely to require further more detailed assessment / evaluation by members of the multi-disciplinary team and
  • Inform development of the Rehabilitation Prescription as patients leave the acute care setting (which will include the Rehabilitation Complexity Scale) to indicate the patients needs for rehabilitation at their next stage of care.

As well as helping to guide decision-making for individual patients, this information will help to identify where their needs are and are not being met. Used at population level, the information will enable us to quantify shortfalls in service provision and to estimate the gap between capacity and demand for future planning.


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