Our Strategy - 2023-2027

02 Dec 2022

This strategy was created and designed collaboratively to implement an ambitious vision to grow the Intensive Care Society. We want the strategy to enable us to deliver quality services and products that meet the changing needs of today’s and tomorrow’s members and our wider beneficiaries. We also want to ensure the strategy enables us to fulfil our charitable object and is underpinned by an efficient, effective and economical infrastructure.

We developed this strategy with the input of a wide range of interested parties and using a variety of engagement methods including workshops, focus groups, interviews and surveys.

We are a small organisation and we rely on collaboration between staff and volunteers to enable us to deliver our activities. Together this enables the Society to punch well above our weight and support a wide range of activities to make an impact and advance and promote the care and safety of critically ill patients.

We are grateful to everyone for the time they have given to develop the strategy and we look forward to continuing to work with you as we deliver it together over the next five years.

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