11 Feb 2020

Official 2019-nCoV, critical care FAQ and advice

The Intensive Care Society has worked with the High Consequence Infectious Disease (Airborne) Network to produce an FAQ applicable to all ICUs

Please find enclosed an introduction to the High Consequence Infectious Disease (Airborne) Network, and an FAQ applicable to all ICUs, with thanks to Dr Chris Meadows and the National HCID(Airborne) Network of Adult Critical Care Units.

In implementing the FAQ advice, the ICS additionally recommends units to:

(a) Clearly establish which team in your Trust (Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Virology or Infection Control) carries responsibility for communicating with Public Health England, and how to access them in- and out-of-hours for escalation and advice.

(b) Train and prepare for effective PPE use, including safe, reliable, supervised donning and removal, as well as sample and waste management.

(c) Adopt a buddy system when managing suspected cases: roster additional staff outside the room for PPE supervision and runner duties.

Please note that information relevant to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is subject to frequent update, and should be monitored regularly.

You are recommended to use the gateway link provided in the FAQ, which will remain constant. IPC guidance for secondary care will shortly be updated to include specific Critical Care advice.

We will also keep you updated regularly, through our channels and social media.

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