30 Jan 2020

ICS launches its first National Audit for Critical Care (NACC)

The Intensive Care Society is excited to launch its first National Audit for Critical Care (NACC): Focus on Central Lines.

NACC has received funding from the National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia and will be led by ICS Council Member, Dr Nitin Arora.

This is the largest nationwide review of central lines ever to be undertaken in the UK and will combine around 5000 cases from both critical care and anaesthesia and the Society is proud to be leading on this piece of work.

ICS Council Member, Dr Nitin Arora said “I am very excited about this new initiative, and hope this will be start of an ongoing process where the ICS support a national quality improvement project every 18-24 months”.

Work is due to begin in the next couple of months and will take around two weeks to complete. Audit results will be published by the end of 2020. This great piece of work will help the Society to provide insights into best practice and contribute to quality improvement.

ICS Chief Executive, Dr Sandy Mather, said “I am delighted that we are announcing the launch of this seminal National Audit in Critical Care in our 50th year. This marks the start of our new audit programme as part of our five year strategy. At our Council meeting on 28 January we also launched a new Quality Improvement Task Force".

ICS President, Dr Ganesh Suntharalingam, said “As the voice of the UK critical care community we are proud to launch this first National Audit in Critical Care.  This is an important step for the multi professional intensive care community”.


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