01 Oct 2021

Dietetic Pillar

The Dietetic Pillar of the Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Critical Care Professional Development Framework (CCPDF) has been designed as a profession specific document that is a supplementary guide to be used in conjunction with the AHP CCPDF. It is not intended that the dietetic pillar should be used in isolation. You will find it useful to familiarise yourself with; and benchmark yourself against the AHP CCPDF before you move on to using the dietetic profession specific pillar.

The CCPDF focuses on 4 key areas, (called pillars) that are integral to all AHP’s working in critical
care. These being;

  • Clinical Practice
  • Facilitation of learning
  • Leadership
  • Research, evidence and improvement

When benchmarking yourself against the CCPDF pillars and levels, it is likely you will use dietetic examples as evidence for your current level of practice. However, it was always the intention that the four individual professions would go on to develop profession specific pillars. These pillars identify the specific and unique skill set that the four individual professions can contribute to the critical care setting.

This dietetic pillar will focus on the specific areas that we feel are fundamental to being a critical care dietitian (setting us apart from other AHP’s) and highlight the skills and knowledge needed to work and progress as a dietitian in critical care.