09 May 2023

Application for Clinical Advisory Panels - AHP critical care capability framework

We are seeking applications from allied health professionals (AHPs) in critical care, to provide clinical and educational expertise in development of a national capability framework for AHPs in critical care. Your role will be to work as part of a group of clinical volunteers from your profession with a dedicated Professional Lead to develop, refine, assure, and build consensus on a framework. 

This is an opportunity to help shape and develop the future AHP workforce in critical care, at a national level. If you want to be part of this, please apply! 

Panel members are required from the following allied health professional groups: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, operating department practitioners, and speech and language therapists. 

We seek to convene five diverse panels comprised of members working across all levels of practice, educators expert in critical care specific AHP pre-registration or post-registration content, and representing different geographies and unit type. 

Programme Background 

NHS England’s Workforce, Training, and Education Directorate (previously Health Education England) has committed to support the development of the AHP workforce in critical care. There is a clear need for a harmonised approach to workforce training in order to deliver care safely, whilst contributing to longer term goals of providing high quality learning environments and maximising workforce efficiency. 

NHS Elect, working in partnership with the Intensive Care Society, NHS England, and relevant professional bodies has been commissioned to support the co-production of a comprehensive adult critical care AHP capability framework. 

In April we recruited five AHPs to be seconded for 2 days a week to lead the work of each of these Clinical Advisory Panels. We are now looking for volunteers to work with these five AHPs, advising them and sharing expertise for 1-2 hours a month on a voluntary basis. 

Aims of the project 

To align to 

To further develop 
Intended outputs and outcomes 

Outputs should enable development of AHP curricular guidance for critical care and be able to be used by both commissioners and providers to support future structured workforce development, improved AHP recruitment, and retention. 

This work will be delivered in partnership with the Intensive Care Society, including their AHP Professional Advisory Group (PAG), Physiotherapy PAG and Advanced Practice PAG as well as professional bodies for each named profession. Views will be integrated from the outputs of the qualitative review that is currently being undertaken with the critical care AHP workforce. 

Role of Clinical Advisory Panels 

Clinical Advisory Panel members will: 

  • provide quality assurance for various stages of framework content (within and across professions and levels of practice) and provide input, comments, and alternatives as consensus is built 
  • actively participate in the Clinical Advisory Panel to review and agree (within and across the five professions):
    • sections 
    • topics 
    • individual capabilities 
    • incorporation of feedback from external consultation 
  • be consulted on detail related to development and drafting of capability statements where gaps exist 
  • play an active role in the panel for their specific profession (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, operating department practitioners, or speech and language therapists), that will meet individually and together, where cross-profession decisions are required
Format of the Clinical Advisory Panels 
  • Clinical Advisory Panels will meet (virtually) every month for 1-2 hours (as required)
  • There will be some points where asynchronous review and comments will be required in lieu of a longer synchronous meeting
  • Meeting dates will be provided at least 4 weeks in advance whenever possible
Essential qualities and eligibility 

Colleagues from across the United Kingdom who wish to undertake a role on a Clinical Advisory Panel are asked to submit an application, ensuring individuals: 

  • are from one of these AHP backgrounds: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, operating department practitioners, or speech and language therapists: o with current registration with HCPC or 
    • working in a supportive or assistive therapy role in critical care, or 
    • are a pre-registration AHP student on placement in critical care 
  • have extensive experience working within the critical care environment (unless applying from a pre-registration, supportive, or assistive role background) 
  • are supported by their manager to work on this project for the next 12 months 
  • can prioritise 1-2 hours per month to meet with the Clinical Advisory Panel and provide feedback in between meetings 
Desired qualities 
  • links to a professional specialist interest group, professional body or the Intensive Care Society 
  • experience in clinical education and professional development 
  • excellent teamwork and communication skills: virtual, verbal, and written 
  • high level of attention to detail 
  • experience of developing capability, competency, or skills frameworks 
  • proficient in use of SharePoint and MS teams 
  • PgCert/Dip or Masters in relevant clinical speciality or clinical education 
Things to be aware of 
  • Being a member of the Clinical Advisory Group is voluntary
  • There are limited spaces available on each Clinical Advisory Panel, to ensure that group size remains productive and workable. Applications will be reviewed and assessed in line with essential and desired qualities
  • Members of existing special interest groups and specialist networks of professional bodies can apply directly or may wish to engage through existing groups
  • Project management will be provided by the NHS Elect team
Submitting an application 

Any colleagues wishing to apply for a Clinical Advisory Panel should follow the steps below. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, 23/05/2023. If you have any questions about your application, please contact the NHS Elect team at learningnetwork@nhselect.org.uk.

  • Complete our online application form, including personal statement
  • Declare any conflicts of interest
  • Confirmation of agreement to participate 
  • Submit your form before the deadline of Tuesday, 23/05/2023. 
  • We expect to be able to inform you of the outcome of your application by Friday, 09/06/2023 

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