Become a FUSIC® Heart or fTOE Supervisor

As a FUSIC® Heart Supervisor, you will be responsible for overseeing the training of new ultrasound scanners.

As a supervisor, you will be responsible for all the hands-on training, reviewing of scans, overseeing the logbook and guaranteeing the validity and probity of the entire training process up to the final assessment. Each unit delivering a FUSIC® accreditation should have at least one nominated supervisor.

Key responsibilities

  • To oversee the accreditation process in your unit(s)
  • To recommend mentors and countersign their applications
  • To advise and support on mentors and those on their FUSIC journey
  • To provide expert advice and review of scans when needed to by mentee or mentor
  • To conduct the triggered assessment
  • To countersign the summary training record to confirm that a mentee has satisfactorily completed all the training components

Please note that the fTOE accreditation pathway will only have supervisors at this stage who will perform the role of both the mentor and the supervisor. If you would like to apply to be a fTOE supervisor, please ensure you read the mentor responsibilities before filling out the form below.

Experience and qualifications

In the application form you will be asked about your ultrasound experience and qualifications. Supervisor definitions differ slightly, depending on the topic.


Level 2 TTE accreditation or a Cardiologist with regular sessional commitments to TTE


Level 2 (i.e. BSE, EACVI, ASE) TOE accreditation or the ability to demonstrate equivalent knowledge and regular use of TOE

How to apply

You can sign up to become a supervisor at any time. Please click on the link at the right of the page to fill out the application form. A member of the Learning team will review your application and get back to you shortly.