Intensive Care Week 2024

Get ready for Intensive Care Week 2024!

It's (nearly) Intensive Care Week!

This year Intensive Care Week will be 3 - 9 June 2024 - a week to celebrate all the work you do in intensive care and maybe even a birthday for us too on 8 June!

It's our favourite time of the year as we get to see why you choose to work in intensive care, see where you work, who you work with and what gets you through your shift. We love seeing your pictures rolling in on social media and into our inboxes, and this year is no different!

Snap for #SOA24

As always, we want to see your celebrations, and what your work week is like on your unit. As something a little different this year, we want to showcase your pictures at #SOA24 - it's just around the corner!

Send in your photos of you at work - a busy day, a quiet day and everything in between, we just want to see you working together to deliver intensive care.

Tag us on social media at @ICS_Updates, or use #ICUWeek2024 or #Snap4SOA, or send your pictures in to us directly at

Our celebration packs

We want Intensive Care Week to be your chance to celebrate with your team, so we've created a special pack to make your morning tea, team catch up, or even just your space a bit brighter and more exciting. 

Your #ICUWeek2024 pack contains:

  • Multi-professional cards to share on your ICU with different professionals working in intensive care - demystifying the team.
  • Our Intensive Care Week bunting to brighten up your unit and add the party vibe.
  • Your Society, Our Strategy poster with a breakdown of what Society membership provides you with and showcases study days you can get involved in.
  • Our selfie boards! We know these are a fan favourite, so they're back for 2024 - we want to hear why you love working in intensive care!
  • Our fundraising boxes - easy to assemble and place around your ICU.
  • Our Intensive Care Week stickers.
  • Our #SOA24 poster to pop up in your unit.
ICU Week pack - full.jpeg



Download our digital cards

As part of our celebration pack we've created a set of cards for you to share with patients and their loved ones outlining the different professionals working in critical care. They've been produced with help from our wonderful Professional Advisory Groups and we've made them available for download below so you can print your own or share them digitally on your social media channels. You'll also find them printed in our celebration packs!

How you celebrated Intensive Care Week 2023

If you're looking for some inspiration for your celebration this year, then look no further than the brilliant pictures we recieved from some of our teams in 2023!


Our skydiving challenge 

This Intensive Care Week, we are asking you to take on a challenge for intensive care - sign up to our skydiving challenge for an extra push!