Recovery across the trajectory of care: breaching the 4 walls

Essential information on the rehabilitation journey of patients during and after critical illness

'Rehabilitation: Breaching the 4 walls is organised by experts in the field of frailty and rehabilitation, this study day will provide you with essential information on the rehabilitation journey of patients during and after critical illness

The exciting programme is aimed at all those involved in the care of patients as they prepare to leave ICU and progress on their journey to physical and mental health recovery.

Learning objectives:

  • Improve your ability to support all patients through their rehabilitation and into the community
  • Understand the latest evidence and approach to age related changes and frailty in rehabilitation practice
  • Learn about the challenges of rehabilitation through a patient lens across the trajectory of recovery after critical illness
  • Gain an insight into the challenges of reconditioning and deconditioning of this unique population

Hear from experts in primary care and follow up teams of the challenges and approaches to innovating care after critical illness.

Programme Programme

9:15am - Zoom open

9:30am - General introduction to the day

9:35am - The patient perspective

9:55am - Setting the scene – the patient phenotype

10:20am - Q&A

10:30am - Break

10:45am - Within the 4 walls: Patient story; Who to admit? The Intensive Care view; Who to admit? The BGS view; Feeding the muscles; Panel discussion

12:10pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Outside the 4 walls: Patient story; Reversing the deconditioning cycle; Delirium – its still there; Impact on speech and swallow – SLT perspective; Panel discussion

2:20pm - Break

2:35pm - Where were the 4 walls: Patient story; View from primary care; What do our patients tell us they want – desert island discs; Post discharge rehabilitation – the good, the bad and the ugly; Panel discussion

3:55pm - Closing remarks 

4:00pm - Close

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