SOA24 Congress

Group bookings

Please complete the details below in order to request payment by invoice for a group booking. Invoices will only be raised for bookings for two or more delegates and where the value exceeds £1,000.

For individual bookings or group bookings below below this value we require payment by credit/debit card at the time of booking.

Please download the spreadsheet by clicking the button below and complete with the details of each delegate. You will need to upload this file (below) to complete the booking request.

Delegate details


Please provide details of the person making the booking


If you cannot confirm that the Intensive Care Society is set up as a supplier, please ask you finance team to send any required forms / requests for information to

Please upload the delegate booking information requested using the template provided

Please ensure that the Intensive Care Society is set up as a supplier on your organisations finance system and confirm you have the correct bank account details for payment (Sort code 40-**-**, Account number ****6468).

On receipt of this enquiry, we will confirm membership and pricing and reply to the lead booker if amendments need to be made. We require a purchase order in order to book and generate an invoice. Payment is strictly the earlier of 30 days from invoice date or seven days in advance of SOA24, after which we reserve the right to cancel the booking in full.

For individual bookings or below this value we request payment by credit/debit card at the time of booking, and reserve the right not to action any incomplete forms.