Aspire to Lead

Aspire to Lead is a short course of four modules, helping aspiring leaders in intensive care and related fields to consider clinical leadership in practice in the ICU, learning some leadership ideas and reflecting on practice.  These sessions are modular - you can attend one or two, or all four as you wish. You also don't need to attend them in any particular order.

The programme of sessions will run across February and March, and then repeat during October and December.

These are workshops, so please attend with your camera on and be prepared to interact.

Our modules

Module 1: Motivating others and getting the best out of people.

The Society's Wellbeing Director, Dr Julie Highfield, will share learning from psychology on what motivates people at work, and how to consider this within an ICU setting to get the best out of people. 

Module 2: Emotional intelligence: listening, flexibility and care.

Dr Joanne Ablett will encourage you to reflect upon your emotional intelligence - how do I manage my own emotions and recognise and manage others' emotions? Bringing in the principles of compassionate healthcare, she'll help you consider how to listen with fascination and show care in your emerging leadership role.

Module 3: Psychological safety and positive cultures, including enabling diversity.

Dr Katherine O'Neill, Clinical Psychologist in ICU, will outline the concept of psychological safety and why it is important to work. The session will also help you to reflect on modelling psychological safety to your teams.

Module 4: Transformational leadership and understanding the importance of role clarity, vision, meaningfulness and predictability.

Dr Julie Highfield, Director of Wellbeing at the Society, outlines the concept of transformational leadership, what that means within intensive care (considering barriers and enablers) and how to create clarity of vision, no matter what your leadership status.


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