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The Intensive Care Society (ICS) is at the forefront of critical care research in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to improve the outcome for patients admitted to critical care and, for those that survive, their quality of life after discharge.
The ICS Directors of Research are involved with over 20 current or recently completed studies. They are often the principal investigator but also collaborate and assist other researchers with trial design and submission of grant proposals. Our Directors of Research also support the studies through the CTUs with which the ICS collaborates.

We are respected and recognised by major UK grant awarding bodies (NIHR, MRC and Wellcome Trust) who have helped fund much of our recent research.
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ICON - Intensive Care Outcomes Network   

This is a long-term study of intensive care patient’s quality of life and psychological health for up to 2 years after their discharge from hospital. The study was led by principal investigator Dr Duncan Young from John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford.

Paramedic - 2 

*** Results published in NEJM***
Randomised placebo controlled tril of adrenaline for out of hospital cardiac


Investigates the efficacy of statins for the prevention of ICU delirium

Gatekeeping in intensive care ​

About how decisions regarding ICU admission are made


Protective Ventilation with veno-venous lung assist in respiratory failure

HARP prevention 2 ​

Efficacy of simvastatin in reducing the occurrence of ARDS and other post-operative complications in patients undergoing oesophagectomy.

HARP prevention 2 Efficacy of simvastatin in reducing the occurrence of ARDS and other post-operative complications in patients undergoing oesophagectomy  


The Society endorses WEAN SAFE - World Wide Assessment of Separation of Patients from Ventilatory Assistance Study.

This is an important 4-week international, multicentre, observational study run by the ESICM over a 4-week period between October 1st 2017 and March 31st 2018 in ICUs internationally.


Protocolised trial of invasive and non-invasive weaning off ventilation


Earlier bedside diagnosis of a bacterial cause for ventilator associated pneumonia

How we choose

Our Research Committee jointly identify and judge potential future projects to be undertaken or funded by the ICS. All of the awards granted are made through a competitive peer review process assessed by the ICS Research Committee.

Representatives from all of these organisations participated in our successful “Research Colloquium” held in September 2015 that brought researchers and funders together in a particularly informative and constructive meeting.


Our main streams of funding:



Over £24 million has been awarded so far from major grant awarding bodies, to deliver the studies described in this report. The ICS has now become the focal point to make collaborative UK Critical Care Research the norm and we have achieved a strong international profile amongst the critical care fraternity.

Our research is in high demand, and we want to ensure that our vital projects have the funding they need to go ahead.

Whether you are an individual, a potential industry partner or trust representative, we welcome any support from you.

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