An FAQ from the President-Elect

Is it for people like me?

If you’re asking the question, then the answer is already yes.  You work in critical care and you already have all the skills.  You make assessments, decisions, judgement calls, and recommendations, every day, that are life-saving or life-changing for patients.  

You may also be in a role where you influence, inspire and lead your colleagues whether through education, innovation, research, or excellent organisation and delivery of care.  

You are the only person who can bring your unique mix of experience, judgement and insights to the leadership of critical care in the world’s fifth largest economy.

Isn’t it only for the Great and the Good?

No.  We aim to be modern, fresh, and non-hierarchical.  There is no identikit ICS Council member, and no standard pathway to a Council seat.  We need (and are) a mix of frontline clinicians, academics, educationalists and others.  We represent you, which means we are you.  

There is, also, no such thing as a newbie Council member – we welcome fresh ideas and new perspectives.  Our most recently-appointed Council member, Shond Laha, is already heading the Seminars programme.

What would I be doing?

At its essence, the role requires attendance 4-5 times a year at Council meetings and giving your input (and where necessary, vote) on all areas of ICS activity – membership & professional affairs, research, learning & education, standards & guidelines, and public affairs (including lobbying and fundraising).  By representing the membership in all its facets, you will ensure we are working for our members.

In practice, you will be able to take on special interests in any of the headings above.  Speaking personally, in my case I was taking on lead responsibility for State of the Art a year after starting on Council.  What will you be doing a year from now?

What do I need to do?

Check you are a paid-up member (ICS HQ at 0207 280 4350 Mon-Fri if in nay doubt), view the role profile and download the nomination form and get it to us by midnight, Sunday 23 September.  You will need a short personal statement for the nomination form - we do not choose you, the membership does.  

Due to Society constitutional rules going back to about the time of the Norman Conquest (we’re taking the legal steps to change this, but it’s not quick), you do need two paid-up ICS members to nominate and second your application.  If you need to check your membership status or cannot rustle up two people, please contact us promptly and a Council or Exec member will be able to act as your proposer or seconder after a quick phone or email discussion. Once your application is accepted, the choice of seconder confers no additional benefit or disadvantage.

Have I left it too late?

For reasons that need not detain us, I wrote my Council application at 4pm on the day of the 5pm deadline.  So no, you haven’t left it too late.  However, maybe do it slightly earlier than me.

The ICS is going places.  Come and join us for the journey.

Ganesh Suntharalingam