Top 5 reasons to join the ICS Trainee Committee 2019

Apply by 5 March 2019

ICS Trainee Committee is searching for two new members to join its vivacious team. We are excited about the prospect of welcoming new colleagues into the fold, and the fresh ideas and enthusiasm they will bring. In this post, the Trainee Committee share their top 5 reasons to join the ICS Trainee Committee...

  1. Be the voice of ICM Trainees: 
With ‘Brexit’ and ‘Burnout’ on everyone’s minds, ICM workforce engagement and sustainment is high on the agenda and ICM trainees need a strong voice to defend and represent them. 

We had our most successful trainee sessions ever at the 2018 ICS State of the Art meeting (London), brim full of engaging presentations from dynamic and ambitious trainees. This year, State of Art 2019 takes place in Birmingham from 9-11 December and the Trainee Committee plays a key role.

  1. Play a role in enhancing the experience of training and working in ICM: 
There are so many of you out there with a passionate commitment to enhancing the experience of training and working in ICM (both single and dual specialty) and the Trainee Committee is a perfect forum through which to channel and springboard your ideas. 

  1. Get involved in the future of ICS: 
We will shortly be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ICS – a moment to reflect and an opportunity for you to join in with our exciting plans to celebrate this milestone in the life of the Intensive Care Society.  During 2019 we will be initiating new projects in preparation for our anniversary, which you could become involved in.

With recent refinements to the structure of the ICS, there are now 5 divisions ready to welcome you. Please have a look at our new Your Society - our Strategy 2019 - 2023 and you’ll find our more about our plans for the future. 

  1. Shape your own involvement based on your interests, skills and strengths: 
Whether it’s education, research, standards, quality improvement, fund-raising, social media or party planning that floats your boat, there is a seat here with your name on it and you can shape your own involvement. 

  1. Enhance your CV: 
There is a plethora of opportunity to initiate or take responsibility for projects of interest or importance to you, at a national level, surrounded by the support of the Committee and the ICS Council. This is a great space in which to thrive.

Take the plunge. There has never been a better time to join the Trainee Committee. We promise you won’t regret it and we look forward to receiving your applications!

Best wishes,

The ICS Trainee Committee:
Laura Vincent, Chair
Aoife Abbey, Chair Elect
Angela Lim
Diane Murray
Akshay Shah

Eligibility Criteria:

- An ICM trainee (single or dual specialty)
- Must have at lest 1 year left of training
- Must be a member of the ICS 
To apply
1. Please download the nomination form here .

2. Complete the form with your references and a short written statement (200 words maximum) and return to by 10am on Tuesday 5 March 2019.

3. Please note that to apply you must be an ICS member, as must be your proposer and seconder. (Please click here  for membership information)  

4. We will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have about putting yourself forward, please write to for more information.