Julie Cahill, who has been an intensive care patient and is a member of the Society's Patients and Relatives Committee, reviews Lu Spinney's book.

Intensely personal, inspiringly honest, crushingly sad - Lu Spinney’s account of the aftermath or her son’s tragic snowboarding accident is a hard read for anyone, especially for those with children. It is also a thought provoking study of the very fabric of human existence - what makes each of us who we are and how much of that do we need to lose before we are no longer ourselves?

We follow Lu on her journey and feel outrage for every hurdle, thankful for every kindness she receives, humbled by her strength and dedication. There are insights into ways that care for her son, or indeed for his family, could have been improved. There are shining examples of bravery and empathy from medical and care staff along the way. But when the almost inevitable, heart breaking conclusion is reached, I challenge the most stoic professional to not shed a tear. 

Lu Spinney's will be talking in a session at the 2018 State of the Art Meeting on Tuesday 11th December.