How you can help 
The Intensive Care Society is actively involved in research and indeed this was one of the reasons for it's foundation.  We are frequently asked by researchers if we can help to identify members of the public who have experience of intensive care to assist in the management of research studies.   Most research funding bodies require patient involvement in the research they fund and thus it is a prerequisite to get a project up and running.  The researchers need the help of individuals who have had experience of intensive care to provide advice as a 'critical friend'.  Detailed scientific knowledge is not required but experience of a stay in intensive care as a patient or relative is invaluable.   Assisting the researchers in evaluating what they are doing, why they are doing it and what the value of it is to patients is fundamentally important for a research project to truly benefit the public.  We are also asked to help draft information about the research projects into 'plain English' or terms more familiar to the general public.

If you have experience of intensive care as a  patient or relative and would like to consider helping with research projects, the National Institute of Health Care Research (NHIR), through their 'Involve’ project, has produced a number of booklets that explain, in general terms, the role of a patient on a research project steering group.  The NHIR Information Packs can be downloaded below.  Further information can be found on the NHIR Involve website.
If, after due consideration, you would like to know more you can contact the Patients and Relatives Committee of the Intensive Care Society for more information at