COVID -19 Urgent Fundraising Appeal

We  look  after  the  sickest  patients  that  need  ventilation breathing  for  people  when  they can’t breathe for themselves.

Intensive care is the final intervention. Without oxygen, the brain and vital organs start to deteriorate irreversibly within minutes.

The Intensive Care Society is the charity run by and for the dedicated intensive care doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and other health professionals treating patients in intensive care.

At this time of greatest need our intensive care doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are working flat out to save ever increasing numbers of patients.


Support the intensive care community who are saving our loved ones’ lives

Every intensive care professional is knowingly putting themselves in jeopardy of catching the COVID-19. They are facing monumental pressure. But they stay away from their own families so that they can focus is on you, your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives.

The Intensive Care Society is proud to look after the amazing intensive care community. 

We have worked with psychologists to create wellbeing and mental health resources to help support teams through COVID- 19 and beyond but we need to do more.

We are supporting and funding researchers investigating COVID-19.

We are undertaking research to improve intensive treatment and care of patients.

We are collaborating with other national organisations to develop simple, clear and accurate guidance.

Your donation will go towards:

The wellbeing of Intensive Care Professionals

The pressure on intensive care teams is causing massive stress. Professionals, patients and relatives will suffer from poor mental health and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following COVID-19. Your donations will develop and fund:

  • Support for intensive care professionals
  • Help for their mental health
  • Distribution of morale-boosting wellbeing packages, including food, snacks and essentials, to Intensive Care Units.
  • Support for patients who survive and for relatives of whose we cannot save
  • Patient information leaflets, the ICU environment and public benefit. 

More Research

We aim to fund further intensive care research across the UK and have five national Research Directors leading clinical trials. An intensive care clinical trial can cost between £1.5million and £5million.

  • We need more research and clinical trials into COVID-19; ventilation practice in intensive care; into who and when to treat in intensive care; into PTSD and mental consequence.
  • We need to fund new investigator research awards and scholarships to develop and train the next generation of intensive care experts.

More Education

We need your help to provide more education courses for intensive care doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and the rest of the intensive care team to share best practice and learn how to save more lives.

  • Building in e-learning software will enable us provide essential education to healthcare professionals to help them be better equipped to deal with COVID-19 
  • Events cost the Intensive Care Society up to £275,000 to hire for 1-3 days for up to 1700 intensive care doctors, nurses and health. We currently charge our life saving professionals to attend. We need your help to provide this as part of their professional development.
  • The Intensive Care Society pays the salaries of the staff (who are paid charity rates) to organise these educational events. These staff advertise the courses, register delegates, receive and manage financial payments, organise the speakers and their expenses and manage our educational events committee.

Your donations will make a real difference.