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As we have seen a reduction in COVID-19 related activity across the UK, focus has shifted to the reintroduction of previous practices, including educational training. This has led to some uncertainty regarding how FUSIC courses should be run during this time.

To ensure that candidates aren’t disadvantaged by the pandemic, we have temporarily removed the mandatory course requirement from the FUSIC training process and developed online lecture content to be delivered as regular bespoke webinars. This online training will act as an interim fix to enable you to start your FUSIC journey. 

To get started:

  1. Choose the module(s) you would like to learn
  2. Register and pay (£5 member /£10 non-member per module)
  3. Receive your training video in you confirmation
If you have any further questions regarding courses, please contact FUSIC@ics.ac.uk

Peri-Pandemic guidance on the reintroduction of FUSIC courses

We have compiled guidance on how course directors can safely run FUSIC courses, while ensuring adherence to local public health measures. This is not an official set of regulations; more a list of suggestions. Ultimately, feasibility of reintroducing educational training courses is a decision for individual Trusts. Below is a list of relevant requirements taken from www.gov.uk ‘social distancing’ and ‘working safely during coronavirus’ guidance (1,2)
Download full guidance here
(Adobe PDF File)
POCUS Frimley FUSIC Heart and FAMUS Course

When: 12 - 13 May 2021
Where: Lakeside International Hotel, Frimley
Cost: £315 for 1 day, £550 for 2 days

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Norfolk and Norwich FAMUS FUSIC Course

When: 8 - 9 July 2021
Where: Simulation Suite, Norwich Research Park
Cost: £175 (1 day), £300 (2 days)
Lead: Dr Shailesh Shah

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