ICS Workforce Wellbeing Webinar Series

ICS Workforce Wellbeing Webinar Series
'PTSD in the Workplace & the Traumatic Impact of Work'. This event is worth 2 CPD points.


Professor Neil Greenberg, Professor of Defence Mental Health King’s College London
“Supporting healthcare workers exposed to trauma: what does the evidence tell us?”

Dr Julie Highfield, Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Intensive Care and National Wellbeing Project Lead for Intensive Care Society
“Considering the traumatic environment of the Intensive Care for staff, and how the pandemic shaped this”

Dr John Leach, Senior Research Fellow in Survival Psychology and ex military SERE psychologist
“Cognitive aspects of extremis and ‘give-up-itis’ (psychogenic death).”

Panel Discussion: Beyond Healthcare: considering what we can learn in healthcare from other settings including army and police and a broader Q&A.

Our speakers will be joined by Nicholas Sutcliffe from the Metropolitan Police.
10/15/2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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