ICS Education: Improving AKI outcomes in critical care

ICS Education: Improving AKI outcomes in critical care
This webinar will emphasise that a lot can be done when managing patients with AKI, in particular in the areas of diagnosis, management and follow-up.


Marlies Ostermann
Consultant in Critical Care & Nephrology 

Speakers and presentations:

1. AKI in ICU: How the nephrologist can help.
Speaker: Dr Jyoti Baharani, Consultant Nephrologist in Birmingham

Jyoti’s talk will emphasize the role of the nephrologist in the management of AKI with emphasis on diagnostic work-up, the role of the renal biopsy, and issues related to renal replacement therapy.

2. AKI biomarkers: Do they have a role in routine clinical practice?
Speaker: Prof Lui Forni, Consultant in Critical Care in Guildford

Lui’s talk will explore the potential role of new biomarkers in the early diagnosis of AKI but also prognostication and sub-phenotyping of AKI.

Care of the AKI survivor: Top tips!

Speaker: Dr John Prowle

John's talk will deal with AKI aftercare with particular focus on the recent 10 top tips from the Royal College of GPs. Some of these recommendations have immediate impact for clinicians working in ICU.

This webinar is supported by an educational grant from bioMerieux.

10/22/2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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