The 2nd Sprint National Anaesthesia Project
by Danny Wong

The 2nd Sprint National Anaesthesia Project: Epidemiology of Critical Care provision after Surgery (SNAP-2: EpiCCS)

The SNAPs are short, sharp, point prevalence studies conducted by the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia Health Services Research Centre of perioperative practice in the UK. SNAP-1 was a study into postoperative patient reported outcome measures, and was recently published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia. SNAP-2 will involve collecting risk stratification variables as patients come in for inpatient surgery, and Critical Care bed capacity on the day of operation to look at how patients get referred for postoperative ICU/HDU care. The study shed light on whether the UK has enough Critical Care beds for inpatient surgery, and how clinical decisions might be affected by capacity issues. We will be recruiting patients for 1 week (Tuesday 21 March 2017 to Monday 27 March 2017), with a 1-week morbidity follow-up as our primary outcome, and longer-term secondary mortality outcomes obtained using HES/ONS data-linkage.

We would be grateful for help from the ICS membership, in particular with supporting your anaesthetic colleagues in the collection of Critical Care Occupancy data for your units during the recruitment week. Local SNAP-2 Principal Investigators will also be circulating a questionnaire asking clinicians (including Intensivists and Surgeons) about their personal perceptions of postoperative Critical Care provision in the UK, which we hope you will help to complete.


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