State of the Art Day 3 Roundup

Day 3 at the ‘State of the Art’ proved a fitting finale to a meeting packed with lively talks, discussion  and engagement.

The morning started with a call to action with respect to organ donation. Dr Paul Murphy discussed the Government’s consultation on whether to move from an opt in to an opt out system in England following the example set in Wales.  He felt that ‘the time is right’ for such a move. The talk coincided with the launch of an on-line survey aimed at gaining an insight into the views of the critical care community on presumed consent. You can find it here.  Don’t hold back & share you’re views.  The answers will help form the response to the consultation from the Society and Faculty.

The women in critical care talks in the proved to be a massive success.   Women representatives from all fields discussed the Faculty’s women in intensive care initiative as well as the importance of roles beyond that of Doctors that keep a unit thriving.



The ‘top tweet of the day’ goes to @drsgrier in regards to the Critical Care checklistfrom Cardiff ICU for their ward round.

Dr Scott Grier@drsgrier
 Here is the cognitive checklist from Cardiff ICU for their ward round

Our royal patron, Princess Anne, delivered a speech to the closing plenary on the growth and success of the Society and it’s 3500 members.  She  toured the conference floor and spoke to the council and staff about their roles and work within the Society.   She then presented prizes and awards to those who have achieved excellently within the speciality

Jamie Strachan@strachanjamie

We'll be with you all shortly - just chatting to Princess Anne @theroyalfamily


It’s  been an absolutely fantastic, frenetic and inspirational few days. Meeting in Liverpool was a great success and we thank all the delegates and industry sponsors who engaged in the meeting and of course the amazing behind the scenes team and staff who made it all possible.

See you at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Westminster for SOA 18!