State of the Art – Open to Everyone.

Dr Jeremy Groves shares his excitement for the upcoming annual State of the Art conference on 04/12/17. 

I’m excited.

I’m excited because, despite the long evenings, some very British rain while cycling home and the prospect of a weekend on-call, I have the State of the Art to look forward to next week.

I’m excited because not only have I seen the programme (, but I’ve had sneak previews of all the preparations; the emails are flying, the Council WhatsApp feed is buzzing and the Social Media Group’s ‘’ video conference hints that they have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves.

I’m excited because it’s a new venue.  I’m excited because it’s in Liverpool.

I’m excited because it’s a new venue.  I’m excited because it’s in Liverpool.  Liverpool, through its docks, was a trade portal to the world.   Next week, the conference centre, the ACC Liverpool, will be a knowledge portal for critical care.  It’s a great venue, have a look on the SOA website  It’s big, it’s bright, it’s a waterfront location and there is even a Ferris wheel. It may not be my first stop, but I’ll have a ride.

The programme is exciting.  There’s stuff on robotics, new tech & nutrition, echo, noise (or is it silence) combined with updates on the latest research.  The topics we need to be more reflective about are there too; trauma, lessons learned from the tragic events in Nice, London and Manchester, well-being and burn out.  Some of the topics we’ve grown used to over the years, sepsis for example, I should know, I’m twitter moderating an infection session (@DadAtDesk) but I’m not sure I’m too excited about that!


There are loads of great speakers and among them are many of the movers and shakers in our speciality.

I’m excited about the people.  There are loads of great speakers and among them are many of the movers and shakers in our speciality.  Some of them have come a long way: Peter Brindley, Michelle Kho & Terri Hough from across the pond, Paul Young & Adam Deane from the Antipodes and Herve Quintard and Martin Balik from across the channel.  Some have not come so far, our own Gary Masterson is from Mersyside!  The industry people are excited.

The exhibition space is better than at Excel, where SOA was held last year.  Ganesh Suntharalingam, who has organised the event along with fantastic support of the conference organisers, Hampton Medical, has put in some pop up stages during the breaks, and a parental room to make the event more family friendly.

There will be drinks receptions at the end of the day to discuss hot topics and the social scene is enhanced this year with the SOA Party. Don’t miss the Cheatles for some local Beatle mania!

It’s not too late to register online.   If you have a spare day, why not join us at the last minute? You can register on the morning, a top team from the ICS Secretariat will be there to greet you; and there’s even a discount for those on parental leave.

I’m also excited because, if you do miss out, you will be able to catch up with most of the talks on the Society’s Podcast page.  We’re very keen on Free Open Access Medicine.

So, hey dude, here comes the sun, lets come together and, if you’ve got trouble with a critical care issue, you can ask how do you do it!

See you next week.

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There’s still time to register for State of the Art 2017.

You can sign up and register here or call 01920 885 151